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Visual Dyslexia


Tsampalas, Evangelos; Dimitros, Sarris; Papadimitropoulou, Panagoula; Vergou, Maria; Zakopoulou, Victoria. “Learning Paths and Learning Styles in Dyslexia: Possibilities and Effectiveness—Case Study of Two Elementary School Students Aged 7 Years Old.” European Journal of Special Education Research, v3 n1, 2018, pp.25-41.

Difficulty in reading and writing, spelling mistakes, and poor speech are considered as the main factors characterizing students with dyslexia. The primary focus of the research study was to stress the contribution of early diagnosis of dyslexia in the creation of effective learning environments based on individual learning difficulties, learning styles, and learning paths. Different difficulties in the domains of memory, phonology, grammar, and syntax were studied and differentiated, along with the learning styles and strategies of each case.

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