PFE (Parenting for Education) Tips

For babies who are 12-18 months old, independence now becomes top priority. Babies explore their surroundings with curiosity and experimentation.

On a more personal note, I must share that I have gasped and held my breath hundreds of times during the last two years as I watched my nimble grandson climb from one height to another—attempting to step from a sofa to a bookshelf or his performing some other questionable feat.

Caregivers must concern themselves with the safety of these explorers. Caution the explorers and also make surroundings safe and secure.

Math Stacking

The nine-month-old baby in the video is figuring out how to stack the cups before him. Actually, he will decide which cup should come next.

You could say that “Stacking” leads a child to explore several math concepts. He looks at order, size, and patterns to name a few.

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