Research In Education

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hume, Kara; Sreckovic, Melissa; Snyder, Kate; Carnahan, Christina R. “Smooth Transitions: Helping Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Navigate the School Day.” TEACHING Exceptional Children, v47 n1, Sep-Oct 2014, pp35-45.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) struggle with change and transitions throughout the school day. This research study presents a four-step sequence for implementing transition supports, which are techniques used to support students with ASD and facilitate less reliance on adult prompting. These steps include: identifying problematic transitions; selecting appropriate transition supports; implementing transition supports; and collecting data and problem solving. The benefits of these techniques include an improved quality in a student’s school experience, as well as additional instruction time.

Abstract by Lisa Ryan, Information Professional, Stellar Searches LLC


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