Research In Education

In a study conducted by Hava E. Vidergor and Lea Azar Gordon on self-contained elementary classrooms for the gifted children,researchers examined perceptions of student, teacher, and parents. Specifically, researchers looked at perceptions of “existing” versus “desired” teaching-learning aspects.

Does a self-contained gifted classroom meet the needs of its learners? Based on data collected from forty-two participants: 20 students, 15 parents, and 7 teachers, findings demonstrate positive student attitudes toward being grouped with similar students. Students’ attitudes also reflected their sense of curiosity, level of learning, and interest. In reacting to their teachers’ approach to building a self-contained classroom, students showed a positive response. Parents felt satisfaction with the outcome of the design of this special classroom. Working with this unique population of children gave teachers an over-all sense of satisfaction.

Vidergor and Gordon concluded that the self-contained classroom succeedsand caters to the needs of gifted elementary students.


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