Children’s Activity

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By Vivian Owens

Age group: 4years old and up



How do children learn words?

Some words are learned through hearing. Early in their development, children listen to the sounds around them and pick up words and language.

Children learn some words from their parents, as parents teach them to repeat selected words.

For reading purposes, children learn words by looking at the words, hearing the sounds of the words, spelling the words, and writing the words. Given time, they will say the words and pronounce the words correctly.

Look at the activity below and try to carry out the activity with your child.



ACTIVITY: Let Rocks Talk

Age Group: 4 Years and upward

What You Will Need:

30 pieces of candy, popcorn, or objects that can’t be swallowed by a small child. We will call these “rocks”.

What to Do:

  • Form the word, “Cat,” using rocks.
  • Pronounce the word.
  • Spell the word.
  • Allow your child to repeat your spelling.
  • Below this word, use new rocks to form the word again. This time, your child will form the words, as you watch.
  • When your child completes forming the word, go through the same procedure of pronouncing and spelling.

Form other short words, like pet, dog, cow, bee, farm, fan, apple, and milk.

This is an activity you can perform with your child on a regular basis three times a week. Very soon, you will see your child attempting to form words without asking for your help. As he grows accustomed to thinking about words, he will begin to broaden his use of familiar words. Talking and reading will become easier for him, because he will have discovered that “rocks talk.”


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